Rental prices include the Walk-on fee, M4 Firehawk gun, magazine, Full Face mask and UP TO 3000 rounds of ammo (2000 half day/evening) and MUST be booked in advance.

Walk-On players do not need to book, just turn up.

A Rental package is for an event participant with no airsoft gear of their own. Equipment provided for a player will be;

  • 1 Airsoft Gun
  • 1 Airsoft Gun Battery
  • 1 Assignment of Airsoft Ammunition (0.6mm Plastic BB’s, no external ammunition to be used in the rental guns, 2500 rounds for a full day, 1500 rounds for a half day. Un-used ammo to be returned. (approx. values))
  • 1 Full Face Mask.
  • Training on the safe use of the rental gun, and its operation during the game period

We maintain a healthy stock of spares on site should you find an issue with any part of the equipment provided to you, we will keep you in the fight.

A Walk-On package is designed for a participant who has all of their own equipment and needs no training, nor any rented items from UCAP to allow them to participate in the game.

Prices for Vengeance are as Redemption on the form below:

Deposits are required for all Stag or Hen Parties/Private/Corporate games and this is non-refundable/transferable.

The minimum number of players for a full day is 20 and for a half day/ evening is 16.

Deposits are £10 per person; therefore a minimum deposit for a full day is £200 and £160 for a half day/ evening. Session times are flexible but usually 10am till 1pm, 1pm till 4pm and 7pm till 10pm

**Military units can benefit from a £5 reduction in games fees but the event must be paid for in full upon booking to attract the discount. This is NON REFUNDABLE.

Please note: If you book a Stag or Hen Party/Private/Corporate game and you arrive on the day with fewer than the minimum numbers stated above you will still be required to pay the full remaining balance based on minimum numbers.